Cléo Dubois: Consultant, Educator, Mentor, & Ritualist in the Erotic Art of Ethical BDSM

Spice up your playtime and deepen your intimacy. Increase your desire, explore your erotic persona. Individual mentoring available! Gain the confidence to create passionate intimacy with your partner(s).  Connect your heat, heart, sex and spirit…together.  

Private Kink and BDSM instruction for you! Adults only!

Meet Cléo

I believe in the power and magic of consensual kinky play. BDSM can offer much to most who choose to explore this complex erotic venue, including:
  • Intimacy
  • Pleasure
  • Empowerment
  • Healing
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I specialize in creating a warm, empathic space in which you – and your partner, if coming as a couple – can safely explore and discover your deepest erotic truths:
  • Voice secret desires
  • Explore “taboo” fantasies
  • Acquire confidence & skills
  • Increase Intimacy
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I offer adult individuals and couples a variety of services – individually tailored, confidentiality assured!  Select one of the sessions below.  It’s your sexuality to enjoy now!
  • Office or phone consultation
  • BDSM Initiation
  • Guided Play for Couples
  • Gifts & Rituals
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