Meet Cléo

I am a BDSM coach, ritualist and personal trainer in the kinky arts.  I know consensual erotic power play to be a valid path to self-discovery, intimacy and healing for those called to explore their kinky desires.

I am blessed that my life’s work is now more readily understood and accepted.  When able to bring kink out of the closet, people find value in the power that BDSM has to forge stronger connections to their partners, to find a whole new way to relate, and to rekindle their sexuality.  I feel honored to be able to guide people on these journeys.

While BDSM is NOT therapy, it brings intimacy, great pleasure and healing to most who explore this complex and negotiated erotic venue.

I bring compassion and intuition to my work, creating a warm and empathic atmosphere of safety and trust in every consultation, initiation, and guided play exploration. My skills in SM, bondage play, and erotic communication energy exchange reflect my sense of humanity and respect for others’ erotic sensibilities, age, gender, and sexuality.

I began presenting at the trailblazing Leather Conferences and BDSM educational groups of the 80’s where I developed my voice and practice as an ethical kink educator.  I love to create private rituals for adventurous couples seeking a deeper spiritual connection by adding heat and heart to your erotic explorations.  Spice up your playtime and deepen your intimacy!

Click here to listen to my recent podcast with Dr. Martha Tara Lee from OMTimes Radio!

I believe in the magic of connected, loving, hot BDSM and keeping a sense of humor about it all!

In kink and leather pride with heart,
Cléo Dubois

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