On BDSM, Spirituality and Healing

podcast Conscious Kink: Debunking BDSM (2011) | In this Personal Life Media interview with Beth Crittenden from One Taste, I debunk common myths surrounding BDSM and describes how conscious, consensual power play can lead to spiritual ecstasy and deep healing.

Sensual Flogging 101 (2014) In this instructional video made at Kink University, I offer practical flogging skills as well as the “games” we can play!  See how to connect with your partner, read their body language and heighten erotic energy!

Healing and Kink Go Hand in Hand (March 2010) | In this YouTube interview, a longer version of which was originally posted on Carnal Nation, Eve Minax interviews me about trust, intimacy and healing through the adult dynamics of erotic consensual power exchange

On Safety, Trust, Intimacy and Erotic Integrity

podcastPlaying with Erotic Integrity (June 2007) | In this interview with Dr. Claudia Six, M.A, Ph.D., A.S.C., I explain how to find one’s erotic integrity, and describe how I coach clients to move beyond fears to explore erotic fantasies safely.

Internet LinkExcerpt, Different Loving (1996) | In this excerpt from the international best seller edited by Gloria Brame, M.A., Ph.D., A.S.C., William Brame, and Jon Jacobs, I provide an overview of safety issues, discuss the use of humor and fun during play, and share how to achieve intimacy and psychological satisfaction through BDSM.

My Personal Journey

podcastCléo Dubois-BDSM Legend!  Listen to Cléo tell her story to Woody & the Beast on KinkyCast.com from Nashville, Tennessee.  Woody posted, “A real treat! Way back in episode 35 Sybil Holiday talked about her roommate. Today we have that famous roommate! Cleo Dubois was born in Paris and has a wonderful French accent. Woody & the Beast speak with her about 40 years of evolution in the kinky world of San Francisco.

Download PDFCleo Dubois: The Growing Pains Interview Originally published in November 2014’s Growing Pains, The Society of Janus honored me with inclusion in their Hall of Fame.  This interview in their bi-monthly newsletter followed.  The second oldest BDSM Organization in the US, Janus lists its membership information at www.soj.org