…how BDSM will connect your hearts and spirits with valuable skills that build trust and confidence.  Control and surrender, the art of intimate journeys together.

Deepen Intimacy

To be real, accepted, heard, and loved with all of your kinky desires tightens the bonds you have with your partner(s).

explore withoutDispelling false notions about dominance, submission, fetishes, pain and pleasure continues to be my work.

Together, we will

  • discover your erotic archetypes: courtesan, dominant, rescuer, servant, Queen, healer…  
  • Share your deep desires
  • Negotiate for mutually satisfying play
  • Embody your fantasies safely under my guidance

We will weave a web of tangible closeness in trust, control and surrender.

Watch a negotiation scene from my film, “Tie Me Up!”

On Rituals of Healing & Empowerment

Healing is what you can get when both partners are fully present and willing. Access power in your darkness. Transform trauma through BDSM play.

unnamed-4Heal from experiences of of humiliation, violence and abandonment.  Gain turn on and empowerment.

Your Private Ritual is designed to fit your needs.  committment to recommitment, grief releasing ceremony, rite of passage.  it’s not what we do it’s how we do it together.

Call me to discuss your vision (650) 322 0124, California time!

 View my “Carnal Nation” interview on BDSM & Healing



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