On Pain and Pleasure

According to Cleo Dubois, kink coach, ritualist, and BDSM educator, "Pain and Pleasure walk hand in hand and they are not the same for everyone! Pain is often the bridge to erotic explorations of the kinky kind."Pleasure and pain walk hand in hand and are not the same for everyone.

Intense sensation is a bridge to erotic explorations.  Some find freedom in bondage, others do not want to be restrained.  Many discover spanking to be sexy and flogging liberating.  Consent is a must!  That’s why we have safewords!

I will guide your explorations to fit your desires and provide you with the tools for clear communication and mutual enjoyment during play.  Start your journey or rekindle the fire you once had.  Together.

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Skills & the Key to Playing Well with Others

unnamed-6Acquiring skills is a big confidence booster!

When people begin to fill their BDSM toolboxes, they usually think about physical skills such as flogging, caning, spanking and rope play.

I can share with you my expertise in an extensive array of basic and advanced play techniques, expertise developed over 25+ years as both a community player and a BDSM educator.

However, becoming a skilled Top or bottom requires more than physical craft. Understanding how to be fully present is a far more precious acquisition than achieving facility with toys and activities.

Learn When and Why, as well as “How To.”   The quality of your presence is the key to truly playing well with others!

Listen to my interview, “Playing with Erotic Integrity,”  w/ Dr. Claudia Six

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