Photos of Kink Coach, BDSM Educator and Mentor, working with individuals and couples - photos taken at Academy of SM Arts Intensives and published with permission of those featured

William A. Henkin, PhD, MFT
San Francisco | 415-923-1150 www.drhenkin.com | 

Cleo Dubois is a smart, ethical, and enormously knowledgeable teacher of BDSM. Her experience is deep as well as broad, gleaned from real experience in her own 30-year journey; and her teaching derives from that experience, as well as contributing to it. She has a rich heart, and there is not a fake bone in her body of knowledge. 


Dossie Easton, MA, LMFT
San Francisco | 415 752-7455 | www.dossieeaston.com | 

I feel absolutely confident recommending Cleo Dubois as a lifestyle coach for all aspects of kink and BDSM.  She has many years experience, and is a fine teacher and a compassionate, open hearted and spiritually connected coach. 


Neon Weiss, MFT
San Francisco | 415.342.7466 | 

Sliding scale, sessions also available by Skype

I have known Cleo Dubois personally and professionally for more than 20 years. Her extensive experience makes her uniquely qualified to help couples navigate the explorations of power exchange and kinky engagements safely and ethically.  Cleo is a consummate teacher and guide in the SM arts; she has the wisdom and sensitivity that any couple could benefit from along this twisting beautiful path. I know many couples who have been coached by her and their journeys have been eased by Cleo’s involvement and insight.  


Mark Thompson, MA, Internationally-Known Author & Counselor
Los Angeles | www.markthompsongayspirit.com | 

Cleo Dubois’ integrity, charm, and profound awareness have been unfailing aspects of character during the past three decades I have known her. Aside from being an expert player, she is a superb, empathetic teacher of others. You could do no better than to learn the art of mindful BDSM from Ms.Dubois.  

Claudia Six, MA, PhD, Kink-friendly Relationship & Sex Therapist
San Francisco Bay Area | (415)453-6218 | http://www.drsix.net |  

Cleo Dubois is the grande dame of BDSM in San Francisco. She is very experienced in the wide range of proclivities and skills of erotic power exchange. This has consistently been her passion, and her craft. She knows what she’s doing and she is ethical. 


Dr. David Hersh, Sex Therapist, Psychotherapist, MFT
403-606-3183 | 250-352-0151 | 415-504-2969 | http://SexualWellness.ca | 

I have known Cleo Dubois since 1979.  I like her.  I trust her.  I trust her knowledge base.  I trust her ethics.  I trust her humanity.  I trust that she can perceive the difference between people choosing her services and those more appropriate to be seen by a trained therapist.  She has proven to me over and over that she is a valuable sex positive resource, and one to whom I am glad to refer.  


Maggi  Rubenstein, PhD,  R.N., M.F.T.
Sexologist, retired

I have been a licensed therapist for 30 years, although I am now retired. I have known Cleo Dubois for all those years and consider her to be highly ethical, extremely well informed and a very skilled counselor and trainer in bdsm. I would not hesitate to refer people to her for whom her work would be appropriate. personally and professionally, she is the best in her field.  
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