Photos of Kink Coach, BDSM Educator and Mentor, working with individuals and couples - photos taken at Academy of SM Arts Intensives and published with permission of those featured

Sharon, Houston, TX 

was so afraid of my husband’s kinky desires.  We sought your help and I am starting to find playing the role of his Mistress fun.  I like the powerful feeling I get from taking the lead in the bedroom and I love to spank him.

Mark, Fremont, CA 

You did a great job handling all our concerns and our turn on! We were lead to believe we could discover and embrace ourselves, and we did. Me and my wife are entering a new, vital, refreshing, loving, deep, and super sexy era in our relationship. In deep respect.

Bill, San Francisco, CA 

I am in AWE of your ability to read people and to adjust your approach to meet their needs.  It is definitely part of the ‘power’ I am seeking for myself!  You showed me some important signals to look for in her body language.  I also got a few new ideas on how to vary the timing and intensity of my strokes!  Most importantly, I saw responses and reactions that I had not seen before and really desire.

Elizabeth, San Francisco, CA 

had planned our private lesson with you as a gift to my girlfriend.  Your keen insights and encouragement during our session put me at ease and helped me start to feel comfortable taking on and enjoying my dominant role.   S and I reached an emotional intensity we had never managed before, and that spark has greatly improved our play since.  It was truly a pleasure learning from you.

Jane, Boston, MA 

Cléo, you give new meaning to the words ‘Personal Trainer.’  I could never have imagined our experience with you would be so intense and caring, and I appreciate your sense of humor and style.  What a privilege for a couple to go on such a ‘retreat’ and come away with not only new skills to fulfill each other’s needs, but an avenue for open communication, as well as renewed passion.  We celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary next month, and I’ll bet our sex life is better than most newlyweds.  A million thanks.

Patricia & Roger, Seattle, WA 

Our time with you was so very helpful. This is such a wonderful and creative outlet for my controlling, sadistic side.  Now I am much more comfortable using the various implements of “torture” my man loves.   Now that I understand safety issues, we have worry free sessions where I can take him to the limit.  So much more satisfying for both of us!  The service you provide is a wonderful contribution to the community.

Eric, San Francisco Bay Area

I am opening myself up to new strength, not only as a sadistic Dominant, but as a man, as ‘me.’ Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. You have made magic possible.

Julie, Kansas City, MO 

Thank you for your help and positive support on my first experience.  It was quite an erotic adventure and had a very positive impact on our relationship.  I feel much more confortable with tying up Ted and taking him to his limits while teasing and tormenting him.

Joe, Toronto, ONT 

I attended the session thinking the the purpose was primarily to get my wife, Catherine, more comfortable with her dominant role.  What surprised me was that I came away far more comfortable with my submissiveness.  You helped me accept it.  Thank you.  Since returning home, we’ve had a couple of SM play sessions culminating in the best sex we ever had.

Marcy, Santa Cruz, CA 

I had been looking for a long time for a teacher who combines BDSM and subtle energy healing in a highly intentional and communicative way.  After our mentoring session I know that Madame Dubois is that person.

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