Want to spice up your erotic life?  Connect in an intensely healing way.  I offer adult partners in consensual guided kinky play designed just for you. Whether you want a one hour phone consultation or 3 hour mentoring for you and your partner, I consider us partners in play.  Confidentiality Assured!

Consultations for Couples or Individuals

Curious about Kink?  Ready to explore your fantasy but not sure how to start?  Need help coming out to your partner?

I love guiding you, solo or with your partner.

You did a great job handling all our concerns and our turn on! We were lead to believe we could discover and embrace ourselves, and we did.
– El Diablo, Fremont, CA 

We’ll shed light on your kink, and discuss ways to talk about it, to be heard, and how to do it safely.

Your private consultation take place in my San Francisco Bay Area office, over the phone, or via SKYPE…worldwide.

Private Initiation for Couples or Individuals

Ready to realize your erotic desires?

Designed and improvised just for you!  Your private initiation ritual of control and surrender will take you deep into the heat heart and spirit of consensual BDSM play.

Thank you for your help and positive support on my first ‘experience.’  It was quite an erotic adventure and had a very positive impact on our relationship.
– Julie, Kansas City, MO 

Call me, let’s talk!

Your scene may include bondage, spanking, flogging and nipple play.  Negotiations will be ongoing during your hour of erotic torment and role play, cross dressing and gender play.  Explore your personal fetish and D/s dynamic together.

Guided Play for Couples

Ready to take your play to another level?  Looking to acquire sophisticated skills? Need to find the heat again in your BDSM or D/S play?  Select a full 3 hour guided scene or rite of passage with your partner – one designed to broaden your interests and expand your connection.

I want to thank you… We had been playing at BDSM for years, but until i knelt at His feet in your dungeon, i had not known what it meant to truly submit to my Master. i’m not sure exactly what it was that released the slave in me. Maybe it wasn’t even about me, maybe you brought out the Master in Him.
– slave deb 

I am in service to you both as you navigate your erotic landscapes and run energy together.  I provide a safe space in which to work through challenges that may get in the way of conscious, successful, intimate, erotic BDSM explorations.

Sessions include negotiation and hands-on guided play in my fully equipped private play space.  Develop confidence in running a mutually satisfying scene or ritual from start to close that may include:

  • Collaring Ritual
  • Rope bondage
  • Spanking
  • Flogging
  • Nipple Play
  • Sophisticated erotic torment
  • Shamanic play piercing
  • Role or gender play
  • D/s dynamics
  • Your very own fetish
  • Exploring your limits (Top and bottom)
  • Contact Information

    • 650-322-0124
    • P.O. Box 2345, Menlo Park, CA 94026-2345
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