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You must be 18+ years of age to continue browsing & receive my services. 

Guided Play for Couples 

All Levels, All Genders

Heat Up and Deepen your Play!

Engage in Role Play and Conscious Kink.

Gain Confidence: Hone Your Physical & Psychological Play Skills.

Test your Boundaries!

Experience Control & Surrender.

Play Safely with Mutually Consensual Aggressive Exchanges.

Together, we will make your fantasy into a hot and safe reality. 

Proof of vaccination required.


Cleo will guide your journey for healing and reclaiming your body in her private dungeon.

This work requires letting go and being in the moment, allowing the synthesis of all sensation into an experience of surrender and acceptance.

The invitation is for people who understand the power of intense sensation such as flogging, temporary piercing and the mystery and surrender of sensory deprivation.

All genders and sexual orientations welcome.


You must be fully vaccinated.

Shamanic Kink Ritual

Cléo's Offerings

My Journey, My Work and You

I am a BDSM coach, ritualist and personal trainer in the kinky arts. I know consensual erotic power exchanges to be a valid path to self-discovery, intimacy, and healing for those called to explore their kinky desires.


I am blessed that my life’s work is now more readily understood and accepted. When willing to bring their kinky desires out of the closet, people forge stronger connections to their partners and find whole new ways to explore and rekindle their sexuality. I am honored to guide couples on their journeys.


While BDSM is NOT therapy, body is a door to Spirit... It brings personal fulfillment, healing, and greater pleasure & intimacy to those who explore the magic of BodyPlay. I've brought compassion and intuition to my work, creating safety and trust in every consultation, initiation, and guided play for thirty years.


My skills in caring erotic sadism, dominance & submission, and bondage in consensual power play reflect my respect for others’ erotic sensibilities, age, and gender.

About Cléo Dubois
Media & Resources


while you're under quarantine, you can practice tying YOURSELF up...

Healing & Kink Go Hand in Hand

Negotiation Skills

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Accolades & Contributions

  • 2015 | Received the Key to Folsom Street Fair for her community service.  

  • 2014 | Inducted in The Society of Janus‘ Hall of Fame 

  • 2009 | Nominated for Woman of the Year, Leather Journal for the Pantheon of Leather XIX

  • 2008 | Cléo and Fakir named Living Leather Legends, Southwest Leather Conference

  • 2008 | Leather Marshall, San Francisco Pride Parade 

  • 2002 | “The Pain Game” Award from SSSS-WR Healthy Sexual Pleasure Film/Video Festival. Ms Dubois Producer and Director

Presenter and workshop facilitator in  San Francisco Bay Area and at National BDSM conferences including:  

  • Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco 

  • Kaiser Permanente Department of Psychiatry, San Francisco  

  • One Taste 2008-present



Cléo, gives new meaning to the words ‘Personal Trainer.’  I could never have imagined our experience would be so intense and caring, and I appreciate her sense of humor and style.  What a privilege for a couple to go on such a ‘retreat’ and come away with not only new skills to fulfill each other’s needs, but an avenue for open communication, as well as renewed passion.  We celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary next month, and I’ll bet our sex life is better than most newlyweds.  A million thanks.

                                                                                                  - Jane, Boston, MA

I am in AWE of Cléo's ability to read people and how she adjust's her approach to meet their needs.  It is definitely part of the ‘power’ I am seeking for myself!  Cléo showed me some important signals to look for in her body language. I also got a few new ideas on how to vary the timing and intensity of my strokes!  Most importantly, I saw responses and reactions that I had not seen before and really desire.

                                                                                             - Bill, San Francisco, CA

Cléo did a great job handling all our concerns and our turn on! We were lead to believe we could discover and embrace ourselves, and we did. Me and my wife are entering a new, vital, refreshing, loving, deep, and super sexy era in our relationship. In deep respect.

                                                                            - Mark from Fremont, CA

Our time with Cléo was so very helpful. This is such a wonderful and creative outlet for my controlling, sadistic side.  Now I am much more comfortable using the various implements of “torture” my man loves.   Now that I understand safety issues, we have worry free sessions where I can take him to the limit.  So much more satisfying for both of us!  The service Cléo provides is a wonderful contribution to the community.

                                                                                      - Patricia & Roger, Seattle, WA

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